Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to my Personal Blog.

Hi and welcome to my personal Blog. I have decided to start this blog up as a place I will share my personal projects and creations for you all to see, and leave my other blog for all the exciting things that are about to take place. If you have come from this blog, thankyou for stopping by, if you are new make sure you go check out my other blog for inspiration!. I will be starting this blog off with a kick start by completing (well trying to) the 30 day challange set by Kate over at Paper Heart Designs. Her blog and challange can be found here at Paper Heart Designs. So come back on Moday and see the first challange up and see if i can manage to keep up! xx

Happy Scrapping xx

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  1. Welcome to blogland (again) Kerry! When you have time can you add a 'follower' and 'receive updates via email' option so I can follow properly! (I have a hard time keeping up in blogland, it goes way too fast sometimes!). Happy to help if you need a hand xo